By ad server, we understand a technology platform that is the central system responsible for managing and delivering digital advertisements to target audiences on websites, mobile apps, or other digital channels. Ad servers play a critical role in the ad ecosystem, as they handle the complex ad delivery process, tracking, and reporting for advertisers, publishers, and ad networks.

The SSP, ad exchange, and ad server work together for programmatic media buying and selling. The publisher links their ad space with an SSP, specifying their preferences and rules. The SSP shares the inventory details with an exchange that DSPs and advertisers can access. DSPs and advertisers bid for ad slots in real time, considering their target audience and budget. The exchange picks the highest bidder and tells the SSP who the winner is. The SSP informs the publisher’s ad server about the winning bid and provides the ad content. The ad server displays the ad on the publisher’s website or app and keeps tabs on its performance. Finally, the SSP, exchange, and ad server gather data and revenue information, which they share with both the publisher and advertiser.

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