Our team prioritizes efficiency and performance while building our products to make the most of every impression.


As a direct influencer on the campaign’s effectiveness, performance has always been a central focus for us in developing and improving our products.

For example, high performance ensures lightning decision-making speed, critical in high-load systems to support hundreds of millions of real-time auctions.

Optimization tools

It is crucial to use every opportunity in a highly competitive environment. That’s why we are constantly improving our optimization algorithms. We develop various solutions for invisible optimization, which always work “under the hood” using all the advantages of Machine Learning Algorithms and create tools for sophisticated optimization in manual mode.

Performance data

Ensuring maximum efficiency of trading and optimization algorithms, we operate with all common performance indicators in the industry while striving to minimize delays between all auction participants.

Automation rules

Use programmatic to the fullest with complete automation of your advertising processes to fit your targets and achieve your goals. Use different tools to get machines to do all routine jobs 24/7 while you can focus on the whole strategy.

Powerful targeting

Targeting options are an essential feature in the acquisition process. We added more flexibility and control needed to run performance campaigns with sophisticated requirements.

Inventory Quality

We are constantly working to ensure the quality of traffic because we understand the value of security and confidence in our sources.

Industry-leading services

We provide native connectivity to leading services to provide industry-standard required checks and deep API integration for more convenient and efficient work with data.

Brand safety

With BidsCube's comprehensive approach to quality, always be sure that your advertisers and campaigns are running in a brand-safe environment.


We work with trusted and trusted industry leaders, and on the product side, we offer out-of-the-box integrations with many platforms to give our customers an ultimate choice.

Trusted partners

As a service, we carefully approach the choice of supply partners. We work only with reliable players, carefully choosing sources among reputable publishers.

Data and Analytics

We are constantly working to ensure the quality of traffic because we understand the value of security and confidence in our sources.

Bidstream access

We provide unlimited access to the raw data delivered in various ways to customers’ storage for further data processing and analysis, allowing usage of Machine Learning Algorithms of choice to optimize ad strategy.

API Reporting

We developed a powerful API enabling retrieving any statistical data and providing access to its statistics to partners to avoid discrepancies and be fully transparent.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics is crucial when it comes to real-time bidding. That is why we chose technology stack and infrastructure, allowing customers to use speed as an advantage.

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