Adtech Glossary - H

  • Header Bidding (HB)

    Header bidding is an advanced programmatic advertising strategy used in the digital advertising industry to maximize ad inventory revenue for publishers. The auction process takes place within the header section of a webpage, giving it the name “header bidding.” When users visit a website with header bidding, the available ad slots are simultaneously opened to […]

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  • Holdout Test

    A holdout test is a marketing experiment in which marketers establish a test audience exposed to branded messaging and a control audience kept devoid of any brand-related advertisements. Subsequently, these two groups are analyzed and compared to measure the promotional lift.

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  • Horizontal Advertising

    Horizontal advertising is a marketing strategy that entails reaching out to potential customers who exhibit common characteristics despite coming from various industries or businesses. Essentially, companies seek out consumers with similar needs, interests, and demands outside their industry-specific groups in horizontal advertising. This approach appeals to a broader and more diverse customer base. As a […]

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