Grow your brand’s performance with proven programmatic advertising software

BidsCube Demand-Side Platform is a comprehensive solution for brands and agencies to create ultimate campaigns. The industry-leading advertising software for your success!

Start real-time bidding on ad spaces on a wide variety of sites and apps to achieve next-step efficiency and advertise using the best publishers’ inventory within milliseconds.

With BidsCube DSP, thousands of publishers and their inventory are at your fingertips!

  • $350k+ QPS

    Total capacity across all ad formats
  • 55+

    Available campaign settings
  • 100%

    Of verified traffic using 4 different scaners
Connect to BidsCube ecosystem and advertise with the least effort and maximum results!

All possible formats&devices to deliver ads

  • Banner
  • Video
  • Native
  • Audio
  • Connected TV
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

BidsCube DSP features

    Real-time data and filtering

    Receive real-time data and control your inventory with the next-step level of efficiency

    Bidstream Data Access

    Get the most out of raw data and unlock the power it provides

    BUILT-IN Issues Inspector

    Quick troubleshooting on possible no-bid reasons and any other issues

    Enhanced targeting options

    Set up all needed options and targeting to launch an ultimate campaign!

    System Monitoring TOOLS

    Monitor server load and any other issues that prevent effective advertising.

    Easy-to-use interfaces

    Manage your campaigns using a convenient platform


    Automate routine processes and challenge yourself with something fun instead!

    Optimization Toolset

    Audience management, Pixels, SKAd Network, AI Optimizator, and many more

Get the most of programmatic advertising with enhanced targeting options!

  • Precise geo-targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Full control over the campaign budget
  • Comprehensive device targeting
  • IAB categories targeting
  • Dozens other options for your success

Be sure about your ad will reach the right audience in the right location!

BidsCube Demand-Side Platform is fully equiped with the cutting-edge opportunities of the geographic targeting. With the access to the most precise location data, BidsCube provide a possibility of the hyperlocal targeting, as well!

  • Country, State
  • GeoCity
  • IP-adress
  • GPS-targeting
  • Include/Exclude Option
  • Carrier

Keep your products at top of minds as your customers continue browsing the internet

In today’s marketing world, retargeting plays a vital role in connecting with customers and increasing sales. Abandoned carts cost ecommerce industry $18 billion in lost revenue — if you’re not using retargeting, now is a great time to start!

Do not worry about your fund’s safety and make the most of every penny!

Register for free, make a deposit on BidsCube DSP, and you are free to run impactful ad campaigns. Get full control of the financial side of your advertising campaigns. Be sure that you will get the maximum results at the lowest price!

  • Budget Distribution
  • Bid Price
  • Transaction History
  • Convenient Payments
  • Daily Cap
  • Budget Usage Rate

Show ads only on the right devices!

More detailed targeting by device and connection technical features allows you to create more accurate advertising campaigns without wasting your budget.

  • Browser
  • Connection Type
  • Traffic Type [Desktop, Mobile, In-App]
  • Device Type [Smartphone/Tablet]
  • OS

Reach the audience most interested in your products

BidsCube DSP uses categories classification developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) – the industry standard for digital advertising. More than 360 Tier-1 and Tier-2 categories allow publishers and brands to create the most impactful campaigns which met the audience’s interests!

The tool is the most easy way to connect with the audience you need. Just choose a category of your business and BidsCube DSP will find your clients!

The sky’s the limit! Use the other BidsCube DSP targeting options for your profit!

  • SKad Network
  • Age&Gender
  • Time Targeting
  • Daily Impressions
  • Max Impressions
  • Dynamic Price
  • IFA
  • PMP
  • Frequency Cap
  • And many more!

Industry-leading antifraud solutions

Advertise with your rules using 100% customizable White-Label DSP

It is a simple but professional tool to start advertising with the next level of efficiency without any middlemen! Owning a white-label solution gives you control over the data and settings of any part of programmatic trades.

Save money and time with white-label DSP

Instead of an expensive and lengthy process of in-house development of software, the BidsCube White Label Demand-Side Platform solution will save you money, time and gives you an ultimate package of tools to increase your revenue from day one!

Advertise with your rules and terms

Take full control of your campaign management and advertising process. BidsCube White-Label DSP allows you to establish your terms to maximize your results and create the most profitable cooperation with partners.

100% customizable self-serve solution

Сustomize every part of the platform to your needs and achieve your goals from day one. No one will limit you on the path to success!

With BidsCube DSP you become a part of BidsCube community!

By trading exclusively within the secure BidsCube Community environment, you get the opportunity to work with top partners without additional fees and commissions to get even better results!

  • Financial security

    100% secure space for all participants
  • Direct trading

    +250 supply and demand partners
  • 2ms response time

    Trade at unthinkable speed

How BidsCube Ecosystem works?

All our products are connected and integrated with the goal to create the most profitable connection between publishers&advertisers, WLS Partners, and AdTech companies. BidsCube Ecosystem's core goal is to increase the value of every member depending on his needs!

Our partners

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  • What amount of traffic you can offer

    Connected TV: 518,4M+ views per month
    Banner: 194,4M+ views per month
    Video: 194,4M+ views per month

  • What are the payment periods?

    Pre-pay model is the only option available now for the Demand-Side Platform customers

  • Where is your server located?

    BidsCube servers are located in New Jersey, US. We guarantee the reliability of the entire system for our partners and choose only the best servers

  • How do you count impressions?

    BidsCube supply-side platform works by using ADM (ad-markup code) to count impressions and get bid response

  • Which quality monitoring platform do you use?

    We work with trusted industry leaders from ad scanners like TMT, Pixalate, Protected Media and on the product side, we offer out-of-the-box integrations with many platforms to give our customers the ultimate choice