Adtech Glossary - Y

  • Yield

    Yield refers to the revenue generated from digital advertising campaigns or the efficiency of an ad inventory in terms of revenue generation. It’s a critical metric used by publishers, advertisers, and ad networks to assess the performance and profitability of their advertising efforts.

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  • Yield Management

    Yield management is a process that involves closely monitoring and analyzing your advertising campaigns, leveraging the data gathered to fine-tune your ads for peak performance. Publishers and advertisers rely on factors like contextual cues, audience behavior insights, ad placement details, and similar information to optimize their creatives for maximum profitability.

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  • Yield Optimization

    Yield optimization refers to the process of maximizing the revenue generated from a publisher’s digital advertising inventory. Advertisers use yield optimization strategies and technologies to ensure they achieve the highest possible earnings from the available ad space on websites, apps, or other digital properties. This involves various techniques and practices to improve ad fill rates, […]

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