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Launch your own RTB Platform with the ultimate White Label Solution

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  • Mobile Web traffic
  • Mobile app traffic


Bidscube is a customizable cutting edge infrastructure for programmatic companies made specifically for efficient RTB trading. The product is designed to connect SSPs and DSPs globally at all possible verticls according to IAB Standards.

Bidscube is a cost-effective solution with powerful billing support and transparent real-time reporting. The platform provides Machine Learning Technology for building a custom digital advertising business in the programmatic ecosystem.

Reasons to choose

OpenRTB Integration

Your supply and demand partners get access to automated trading by OpenRTB 2.3/2.5.

Multichannel Solution

The platform supports the most common traffic types and ad formats for CPM integrations.

Financial Stats

Keep your statistics aligned for both sides in a convenient, easy to use, UI.

Malware Protection

Bidscube Technology allows for integration of fraud detection tools for both Supply and Demand.

How to start your own RTB buisness?

  • Step 1

    Setup the platform for your RTB Needs

  • Step 2

    Customize the platform for your brand

  • Step 3

    Integrate with your Supply and Demand Partners

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Once a week we send a digest with the most popular articles

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