Regarding publishers, our main priorities are transparency, efficiency, and performance. We see value in every bid opportunity and try to achieve maximum profit.

Premium demand

We are constantly working to ensure ad quality because we understand the value of security and confidence in long-term business relations.

Trusted partners

As a service, we carefully approach the choice of demand partners. We work only with reliable players, carefully choosing demand channels among reputable publishers.


Understanding the importance of transparency in trading allows us to be open in all aspects of working with our partners.

Flexibility and control

The transparency and openness of our approach and platform provide unprecedented flexibility and control for the publisher’s overall most essential aspects.

Ad Quality

We work with trusted industry leaders from ad scanners, and on the product side, we offer out-of-the-box integrations with many platforms to give our customers an ultimate choice.

Industry leading services

Variety connections

Creating a full-fledged ecosystem is impossible without the support of all relevant traffic distribution technologies. Therefore, our development team has invested much effort in providing maximum coverage for various connection methods.

Header Bidding

The publisher ecosystem already benefits from the header bidding feature, and our solution plays a massive part in driving that change.

VAST adapter

Advertisers find VAST reliable and cost-savvy, while publishers acknowledge the template for its simplicity and monetization opportunities. We created a universal adapter that fully allows you to unlock this standard’s potential.

SDK Integration

Our development team designed and built the SDK to help app publishers manage their ad inventory in the most effortless and manageable manner possible.

Maximize value

While building our platform, we strive to make the most of every opportunity your visitors generate.

Every format

We believe each format has advantages and features that can best reveal the potential of a particular website or app.


Any device

Our platform enables a variety of ad formats and devices within one platform and creates a seamless experience for visitors and publishers.



Run campaigns with groups of audiences across any devices, channels, or ad formats to get the best performance.

Traffic redistribution management

Flexibly manage traffic flows depending on your goals, considering direct campaigns and traffic available for an open auction. As a result, the platform optimizes the amount of traffic depending on performance, allowing you to save resources and maximize the platform’s potential.

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