Adtech Glossary - E

  • Email Ad

    An email ad, also known as an email advertisement or email marketing campaign, is a promotional message or advertisement sent directly to individuals’ email addresses. It is a form of digital marketing where businesses or organizations leverage email as a medium to communicate with their target users and promote their products, services, or special offers. […]

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  • Endpoint

    The endpoint is a link on the receiving party’s side where the sending party delivers requests for all bid opportunities in the JSON format, which the IAB standardizes.

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  • Exchange Bidding

    Exchange bidding is an adtech solution launched by Google within its Google Ad Manager platform. Its primary aim is to optimize and simplify the programmatic ad buying and selling process through real-time auctions.

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  • Expanded Text Ads

    Expanded Text Ads represent a digital advertising format utilized primarily in search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns. Google introduced ETAs as an advancement over standard text ads, granting advertisers expanded ad space and greater flexibility to communicate their message precisely. For advertisers seeking to enhance their ad performance and effectively engage their target audience, ETAs […]

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  • Expdir

    Expdir is the BidRequest attribute of the oRTB specification from IABtechlab, a banner object that indicates the directions in which a banner may deploy.

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