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White label RTB platform

Best white label advertising platform for building your branded programmatic business.

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BidsCube customizable programmatic advertising media-kit includes a white label RTB platform designed to help business owners to create and manage their own network. It allows business owners to connect your DSP and SSP partners in a single interface and provide outstanding programmatic advertising services without huge investments. Get access to cutting-edge solutions and raise your business to a new level.

BidsCube white label bidding software provides you with all the necessary RTB infrastructure to build a successful media-trading environment. Choosing this customizable solution is a direct step to your own branded programmatic ecosystem, transparent and profitable for all parties.

A separate server for each white label auction platform

A separate server for each white label auction platform

Each white label advertising platform is created on separate servers to ensure stable and sustainable services. By utilizing such a strategy, BidsCube allows you to provide a seamless and fast media-trading experience to all of your partners.

It is a perfect opportunity to build your own independent solutions that you can rely on.

Personalizable and convenient interface

A simple and convenient interface is easy to use both for novice media-traders, as well as for experienced marketing professionals. It provides clear tracking and analytics of your digital assets’ performance along with an exceptional user experience. With these in-depth reports, you can timely optimize platforms’ features to make the media-trading process faster and more efficient.

What is more, advanced personalization settings allow you to customize each of your programmatic bidding white label site along with the precise clients’ needs and goals.

Efficient and immersive ad formats

BidsCube white label bidding software includes demand side and supply side platforms designed for advertisers, publishers, brands, and agencies that support a wide range of digital ads. Our DSP and SSP come with a variety of digital advertising formats:



Universal and versatile, these ads are still the most widely used format on the web. Reach wide audiences across the globe with powerful and time-tested desktop advertising.



Showcase your story with vivid and memorable clips. Leverage the potential of video ads to deliver your message and make your brand recognizable.



Explore the potential of hyper-precise web targeting and in-app advertising. Meet your future customers at the right time and place by utilizing the infinite personalization capabilities of mobile ads.


Connected TV

Reach new quality audiences across the globe with CTV advertising. Deliver your message right to the household of your potential customer.



Precisely targeted relevant ads that merge in with the environment to provide an impeccable user experience. Get the most out of the latest cutting-edge technologies to build a solid connection with your audience.

White label advertising platform customized to your business

White label advertising platform customized to your business

BidsCube RTB media-kit is a unique and flexible solution that can fit any budget, channel or a precise business goal. This customizable white label RTB platform provides deep personalization options both visually and functionally. Among others, our offer includes the following features for your product:


Self-service platform

Provide your clients with self-serve platforms, such as DSPs and SSPs for real-time customization of their campaigns and placements in accordance with their needs, goals and available resources.


Unique URL

Apart from the white label bidding software our offer includes a unique URL for building your brand and further promotion of your marketing services. Make your business truly unique and appealing!


Creative design

In addition to extensive functional customization, our solutions provide a lot of space for creative design so that the visual part of your software would always match the brands’ colors. Consistency is the key.


Real time analytics

Get in-depth reporting and insights of your solutions’ performance in real-time. Based on these insights you can further optimize your settings to get the most out of your campaigns and digital assets.

Advanced traffic evaluation tools

To ensure superb quality of the programmatic ad services we offer, BidsCube collaborates with Protected media, a leading cybersecurity tech provider. This partnership implements advanced traffic evaluation technology that will check all the inventory to detect bots and other types of ad fraud. These include bot fingerprint detection, advanced machine interrogation, and other multi-threat elimination tools for your business. With these cutting-edge solutions, you can rest assured, as your advertising exchange services will always be safe and transparent.

crm analytics

Human-friendly analytics

In the world of big data and sophisticated software, it is getting easy to get lost within the extensive data sets and financial accounts. At BidsCube, we believe that analytics should be clear and accessible to everyone which is why our platform offers a handy and straightforward reporting system. Optimize your DSPs and SSPs in real time to leverage the full potential of your business with a single white label RTB platform. Get the detailed performance reports and manage your budget just in one click!

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Latest advertising technology

Our white label advertising platform is based on the latest advertising technology provided by the IAB tech lab. Perhaps one of the most important things about programmatic is addressable advertising which is enabled by OpenRTB protocol. All of the versions we use include OpenRTB 2.3 specification, which is the core technology to ensure flawless native advertising distribution and experience, and OpenRTB 2.5, which is an update for some of the current trends and improvements. These newest technologies provide essential features like header bidding support, as well as historic metrics like viewability or CTR.

Let’s get in touch!

Let’s get in touch!

At BidsCube, we believe that communication is the key. Should you have inquiries or ideas, please do not hesitate to use our contact form. Fill in the following form and our support team will be happy to help you at any time.

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