Traffic Bridge

Unveil new ad ops optimization opportunities to make programmatic ads more effective

Within a secure protocol, the algorithm of the Traffic Bridge receives encrypted anonymous data from all demand and supply connected to the BidsCube ecosystem, instantly notifying the other side about all changes without any human intervention, minimizing the impact of errors and inaccuracies and enhancing efficiency.

It brings us closer to the very essence of what programmatic advertising should be like – automated!

How does it work in detail?

Supply-Side Point of View

The supply-side scanning agent gets access to information about all the settings for the specific inventory that the publisher has specified in SPP, including allowed and blocked categories, bundles, traffic types and formats, attributes and ad spacing specifications. Afterward, the agent exchanges the information with the other side of the deal.

Demand-Side Point of View

On the other hand, the demand-side scanning agent receives the same information about advertisers' campaigns added to DSP, including geo, targeting, time framing, traffic types and formats, creatives, and budget options. In case of any changes, the automated algorithm comes to life without human intervention to ensure trading efficiency.

Traffic Bridge benefits

  • Minimizing the impact of human-caused errors and inaccuracies
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the entire advertising process
  • Increased revenue of all parties by eliminating traffic loss
  • Minimal efforts from advertisers and publishers are required
  • Opening up a fresh avenue for ad tech business development
Boost your programmatic strategy efficiency by adopting a new standard of ad ops optimization

Proven results provided by internal research made us proud of the new technology developed. During the testing period, we saved millions of impressions from being lost. And guess what? That means the same for you, either.

  • 4-5 times

    Faster approach if compared to human-to-human communication
  • 80.74%

    Less amount of inefficient traffic caused by delays and errors
  • Up to 60%

    Increasement in overall efficiency of programmatic advertising
Massive increase in decision-making speed

In previous days, when advertisers or publishers changed the requirements, the lengthy process of human-to-human communications started, affecting overall efficiency. With Traffic Bridge, you're now empowered with automated software, reducing human-cased delays to a minimum.

Innovative approach to ad ops optimization

Traffic Bridge allows the immediate transfer of valuable information between every element of the programmatic ecosystem, ensuring efficiency. You can imagine it as a spider walking through the web of our software and reacting to any vibrations. Within a secure protocol, it receives encrypted anonymous data and incredibly speeds up the exchange of valuable information.

The best of truly automated programmatic

Let programmatic ads do their job, which should have meant automating ad operations in their development. Traffic Bridge is pushing the boundaries of innovations in the AdTech industry and benefiting every party that adopts such a standard.

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