“It’s time to embrace automation in every channel” – BidsCube CEO, Dmytro Chebakov interview for VideoWeek after Cannes Lions 2023

Jun 14, 2024

VideoWeek Villa during Cannes Lions 2023 was a great gathering of the industry’s top minds BidsCube took part in. Discussing hot topics shaping the industry like the rise of CTV, data contribution changes, and artificial intelligence technologies, BidsCube CEO, Dmytro Chebakov brought up an issue that is still retarding advertising industry development and CTV, as well. That is automatization and standardization issues.

Publishers and broadcasters invests more to streaming business and pushing marketers and agencies to relocate their budgets from linear ads to streaming. They’re expecting the innovations  coming up with more standardized approach in viewability, measurement, addresability etc.

As Dmytro mentioned in the pre-Cannes VideoWeek podcast episode hosted by Vincent Flood, the industry still needs to be sufficiently standardized and optimized in many aspects.

“I see the main challenges in solving measurement issues and coming up with non-standard, but we all need consistency in measurement, viewability verification, and addressability. We don’t have all this stuff, like a general understanding of what parties are looking for and want. It’s always good for everyone to be on the same page when we move in the same direction in this challenge.”