2023 Programmatic Advertising Trends

May 28, 2023

The programmatic advertising market is constantly changing under the influence of the market transformation introduced during recent years: privacy regulations, regulations in measurement and attribution, switching over to new technologies, and different post-COVID content consumption realities.

What should we expect in the future of programmatic 2023?

?First of all, Google delayed the end of third-party cookies. It was postponed till 2024. But despite this news, the programmatic industry is entering the first-party data era anyway.

?User intelligence, as well as first-party data, are becoming the new source of AdTech. SSPs and DSPs, capable of securely processing bid requests with first-party data, will command a more significant share of the advertising market.

?Contextual targeting is back in trend. However, we expect a major change in its quality and work on comprehensive reporting, predictive analytics, and ultra-narrow targeting.

?New privacy-friendly realities will help marketers to be more concentrated on unlocking insights, activating data, using influential creatives, and reaching the target audience through leading-edge media channels.

?CTV, OTT, and mobile-friendly ad formats will continue to rise. That means we’re breaking into the new era of TV commercials – now programmatic. These ads excite with their effectiveness. OTT ads have an average completion rate of 98%. Now it’s getting much harder to skip the ad on a Smart TV device, and in some cases, viewers have no other choice but to watch an ad if they want to proceed with the desired video.

?Audio and Podcast Ads Scale-up. Programmatic audio will scale as the popularity of online music streaming and podcasts grow. 

Bidscube supports audio ads, and our sales and accounting teams will be happy to tell you more about that?