BidsCube Launches Traffic Bridge Technology to Automate Programmatic Ad Operations

Apr 22, 2024

Do you feel that the programmatic (i.e., automated) advertising is not all that automated? Optimizing ad ops may be a solution. Welcome the ‘Traffic Bridge’ technology aimed to make it happen.

Why It Matters?

The modern, standardized advertising world still relies on humans, driving the industry with the manual gearbox. Unfortunately, human-induced delays and connection issues lead to efficiency setbacks, hindering the progress of AdTech as a whole.

Even the failure of one programmatic ecosystem element (DSP, SSP, or middleman) to communicate with another can cause issues in the entire process, as we speak about most companies’ current ad ops communication approach. The SSP’s account manager may sometimes detect the absence of bids for particular traffic while analyzing performance data, but maybe not. That entirely depends on the human factor. Even when the DSP reports the absence of a specific type of traffic, the SSP’s manager may not thoroughly review the information, potentially leading to the incomplete deactivation of particular traffic sources. The entire process necessitates ongoing manual communication between the account managers. 

How Does It Work?

Depending on the configured time interval for checking, Traffic Bridge, once a minute or once in any other time gap (depending on the available server capacity), uses a secure protocol to receive data throughout the ecosystem and incredibly speeds up the exchange of valuable information between the elements of the ecosystem. 

Traffic Bridge technology yields substantial efficiency gains, resulting in an impressive 81.96% reduction in delay time and an overall efficiency boost of 7.73% within the BidsCube ecosystem. For some of BidsCube’s partners, Traffic Bridge even enables an astonishing 60% increase in efficiency! 

It brings us closer to the very essence of what programmatic advertising should be like – automated!

What does it offer to the market as a possible industry standard?

Comparing this to the classic approach, a Traffic Bridge scanning the entire system once a minute would make this interaction 5 to 30 times faster. And not only faster. It’s more accurate due to the absence of human-caused factors.

  • Minimizing the impact of human errors and inaccuracies.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the entire advertising process through automation.
  • Cost savings for advertisers and increased income for publishers by eliminating lost ad impressions.
  • Potentially setting a new industry standard and opening up a fresh avenue for standardization and optimization.
  • Providing companies that adopt this technology with the opportunity to unlock significant resources for further growth.

“We’re currently exploring the possibility of suggesting that industry participants adopt this as the established standard for programmatic targeting exchange named Traffic Bridge. We are evaluating two potential courses of action: either making this protocol openly available to all or proposing it as an open industry standard,” stated Dmitry Chebakov, the COO of BidsCube.

As a widely adopted standard, such technology could help the programmatic market and the entire Ad Tech industry boost their growth, providing vast benefits to every side of the deal, including web customers!

Learn more about Traffic Bridge here or contact us to explore how this technology can benefit your business.

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