The Best 15 Advertising and Marketing Events to Attend In Q1 2024

Jan 18, 2024

In 2024, professionals in advertising are arranging unique conferences where experts from various industries explore the latest marketing trends, strategies, and technologies. Each event offers a distinctive agenda with accomplished speakers, engaging discussions, and networking opportunities, providing attendees with valuable insights and connections in the dynamic marketing field.

CES 2024

CES is the heart of technological advancement and the premier global technology event. It serves as a vibrant testing ground for cutting-edge technologies and visionary innovators worldwide. At CES, brands forge partnerships, conduct business, and witness the industry’s brightest minds unveiling their latest releases and boldest breakthroughs on the grand stage. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES is an unparalleled trade show that comprehensively showcases the entire tech landscape under one roof.

Date: 9-12 January.
Location: Los Angeles, US.

IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting

Visionaries in the digital realm and influential business leaders will gather in the sunshine of Florida at the 2024 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. This exclusive event promises a dynamic agenda filled with executive keynotes, enlightening panel discussions, and meticulously curated networking experiences. Recognized as the birthplace of pivotal discussions within the digital landscape, IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting has tackled pressing topics ranging from the sunset of cookies, the rise of DTC brands, and supply chain transparency to combating fake news, ensuring viewability, and navigating government regulations in the data economy, at this gathering where innovation flourishes, and where meaningful conversations set the course for the future of digital advertising and publishing.

Date: 28-30 January.
Location: Marco Island, US.

Cisco Live!

Cisco Live is your annual gateway to enriching knowledge, refining skills, engaging with peers, and showcasing the future of Cisco solutions, all within a single, vibrant event. Immerse yourself in a unique opportunity spanning a few days, where education, networking, and certification experiences converge. Cisco Live sparks creativity and imparts practical know-how, fostering connections that propel us toward a digital future.

Date: 5-9 February.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

MWC Barcelona

In the heart of MWC Barcelona, tens of thousands of influential senior executives representing top global companies, international governments, and cutting-edge tech enterprises come together to shape the future. This unparalleled event is the connectivity ecosystem’s largest and most influential gathering. Whether you’re a global mobile operator, device manufacturer, technology provider, vendor, content owner, or just someone intrigued by the evolving tech landscape, your presence at MWC Barcelona is essential.

Date: 26-29 February.
Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Digital Summit Orlando

Whether you’re the wearer of many hats steering your brand or the leader steering efforts on a specific channel for your team, Digital Summit is your haven to delve into the key topics crucial for your success and resilience. The commitment to skill enhancement and creating networking opportunities is rooted in Summit’s philosophy, including avenues to discover your next professional venture. Elevate your marketing expertise through workshops and sessions, which delve into tactical, practical, and strategic ideas from the nation’s top marketing talent.

Date: 27-28 February.
Location: Orlando, US.

Affiliate World Dubai

At Affiliate World Dubai, visitors can immerse themselves in the premier assembly of the globe’s foremost affiliate marketers and e-commerce visionaries. Engage with mastermind-level content on the main stage, where experts share cutting-edge insights and data-driven strategies. Navigate through a bustling marketplace with opportunities to propel your business to new heights.

Date: 28-29 February.
Location: Dubai.

SXSW Conference

SXSW Conference will discover many tracks spotlighting groundbreaking advancements in technology, film, culture, and music. This event showcases the most extraordinary breakthroughs when diverse topics and individuals converge. The SXSW Conference offers a platform for the worldwide community of digital creatives to engage with cutting-edge ideas, explore new interests, and connect with like-minded professionals who crave forward-thinking experiences.

Date: 5-8 March.
Location: Austin, US.


This conference brings together marketing decision-makers from diverse backgrounds, including advertisers, agencies, publishers, and forward-thinking technology and platform providers. Embark on a journey into the future of digital advertising with d3con, the largest conference in the field. As the operating system for contemporary digital marketing strategies, Programmatic Advertising seamlessly integrates the management and measurement of all marketing channels. Explore the realms of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, CTV, and Retail Media at d3con, as these trends empower us to navigate the intricacies of the evolving marketing landscape, offering new avenues for successful advertisers.

Date: 12-13 March.
Location: Hamburg, Germany.

Digital Summit Las Vegas

Digital Summit events gather seasoned marketers, creatives, and professionals from Fortune 1000 companies and other prominent organizations. Connect with a network of like-minded people who, much like yourself, are actively steering the direction of their organizations’ growth and exerting influence on the evolving landscape of the digital economy. Elevate your marketing prowess through engaging workshops and sessions that offer insights into tactical, practical, and strategic ideas presented by the cream of the crop in marketing talent nationwide. Step into this vibrant space where collaboration, innovation, and skill enhancement seamlessly intertwine, fostering personal and professional advancement.

Date: 13-14 March.
Location: Las Vegas, US.

Ad:tech New Delhi

Ad:tech organizes a gathering that brings together brands, agencies, publishers, and technology providers. So get ready to experience the convergence of the most brilliant minds and influential players in the marketing arena. This event celebrates the future of marketing, giving a unique opportunity for face-to-face interactions and business dealings. In the vibrant setting of ad:tech New Delhi, immerse yourself in the pulse of the digital ecosystem, exploring the latest trends and breakthroughs. It is an unparalleled marketplace where communities in marketing, technology, and media unite to exchange trends, insights, and disruptive technologies that collectively shape the digital economy.

Date: 13-14 March.
Location: New Delhi, India.

New Video Frontiers

Visitors of New Video Frontiers, the flagship conference of VideoWeek, can experience the pinnacle of insights and innovation in video and CTV advertising. This event is a convergence point for leading brands, agencies, publishers, broadcasters, platforms, and technology companies. It is a gathering where the most vital information for the upcoming year is shared, fostering collaboration and equipping participants with the knowledge needed to navigate the field of video and CTV advertising.

Date: 20-21 March.
Location: London, Great Britain.

Digital Marketing Europe

Digital Marketing Europe 2024 is an international conference for specialists seeking to elevate their expertise and enhance marketing outcomes. Connect with influential industry leaders spanning various European countries, absorb insights from 34+ globally acclaimed experts, and stay at the vanguard of cutting-edge trends. Engage in a vibrant exchange of ideas, exploring fresh perspectives alongside fellow conference attendees during this enriching two-day experience.

Date: 20-21 March.
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania.

Digiday Publishing Summit

At the Digiday Publishing Summit, an influential assembly of media executives will gather in the transformative atmosphere. This exclusive event provides a platform for in-depth discussions on innovative strategies, identifying shared challenges, and presenting solutions. From the main stage to intimate town halls and one-to-one engagements during cocktail hours, attendees can forge meaningful connections with fellow decision-makers and visionary vendors. This summit is a hub where participants generate fresh ideas and seamlessly integrate actionable plans into their work.

Date: 25-27 March.
Location: Vail, US.

Programmatic Summit 2024

The Programmatic Summit has been a beacon of knowledge and connection for the brightest minds in the ANZ marketing and advertising industry for over a decade. This year, the summit bookended the conference with the two most exclusive international thought leaders. Ander Lopez Ochoa, EMEA Head of Digital, Content, Media & eCommerce Marketing at Johnson & Johnson, will delve into “The Path to Programmatic Transparency.” At the summit’s close, Hamza Ayub, Chief Marketing Officer of Dunkin’ Donuts, will share insights on “Utilising Programmatic to Leverage New Advertising Platforms.”

Date: 29 March.
Location: Melbourn/Sydney, Australia.

App Promotion Summit London

This event covers everything from leveraging influencer marketing and mastering App Store Optimization (ASO) to optimizing user acquisition, harnessing the power of social media, diving into analytics, and mastering engagement and retention strategies. By the time the event concludes, you’ll be brimming with fresh ideas, tactical insights, and actionable strategy poised to propel the growth and scalability of your app.

Date: 25 April.
Location: London, Great Britain.

The first quarter of 2024 offers a rich tapestry of opportunities for advertising and marketing professionals to immerse themselves in cutting-edge insights, innovative strategies, and dynamic networking experiences. From the technological marvels showcased at CES to the strategic discussions at IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting and the global perspectives shared at events like MWC Barcelona and Affiliate World Dubai, each conference presents a unique platform for learning and collaboration. The diverse topics covered, including digital advertising, programmatic transparency, and app promotion, ensure that participants can stay ahead of industry trends. By attending these events, professionals can elevate their expertise, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the advertising and marketing landscape.

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