Video Week x BidsCube x Finecast launched North America CTV Guide

May 23, 2024

VideoWeek with BidsCube and Finecast is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated CTV Advertising Guide North America 2023. This extensive guide offers an in-depth exploration of the CTV advertising market in North America, providing valuable insights and strategic recommendations to marketers, advertisers, and industry professionals.

This guide covers essential topics for understanding the current state of play in the CTV advertising market. 

  • A guide to the major CTV players’ offerings
  • The state of play with CTV measurement
  • Data on CTV viewership
  • How to grow audiences on streaming services
  • The factors driving buy and sell-side convergence in ad tech
  • A landscape map for CTV advertising in the USA

A noteworthy feature of the CTV Advertising Guide North America 2023 is the exclusive interview with BidsCube CEO Dmytro Chebakov. In this interview, he shares invaluable insights into the formidable challenges of CTV measurement. He emphasizes adopting a standardized approach to enhance consistency and reduce human effort throughout the supply chain.

The CTV Advertising Guide North America 2023 is now available for download.