Dmytro Chebakov, BidsCube CEO, speaking about standardization challenges at VideoWeek Cannes Special Podcast

Jun 14, 2024

BidsCube, a full-stack technology AdTech company, is pleased to announce that its CEO, Dmytro Chebakov, recently appeared as a featured guest on the VideoWeek Cannes Special podcast. The podcast, hosted by Vincent Flood, brings together industry thought leaders to discuss essential conversation topics at this year’s Cannes festival.

The episode features a dynamic conversation with Dmytro Chebakov, who shares his expertise and perceptions on the standardization challenges of the advertising industry. You can hear more about it by listening to this podcast episode.

Vincent Flood guided the discussion and encouraged practical understandings from Dmytro Chebakov and other industry luminaries. The podcast episode provides a unique opportunity to gain insights from renowned thought leaders and hear firsthand accounts of the key conversation topics discussed at Cannes this year.