BidsCube Launched White-Label Ad Exchange PRO

Jul 18, 2024

After the launch of Ad Exchange ‘Lite’ as the most affordable and genuinely game-changing solution to begin an ad business at the start of 2023, we’ve faced the upgrowing demand for a more comprehensive solution that would help our partners upscale their business x2, x4 or even x10.

So, welcome to the stage – a BidsCube Ad Exchange PRO version.

Beloved by our customer’s fault tolerance, broad functionality, and built-in access to the community of 200+ companies are still available out-ot-the-box but now packed up with a few PRO features to help you grow your income:

– Upgraded optimization toolset
– Enhanced system monitoring panel
– Raw bidstream data access
– Traffic Bridge helping to improve ad ops 3-4 times
– New payment options
– Unlimited traffic scanners of your choice
– A transparent and painless scaling model

If your company wants to start an ad business using the feature-rich platform with a gold-star user experience, feel free to book a demo.

For more details visit the product’s webpage.