Complete Guide to Connected Television Advertising – 2024

June, 2024

CTV is on fire! Everyone is talking about it now: advertisers are increasing their CTV budgets by orders of magnitude, streaming platforms are shooting movies and series powered with budgets that will soon overtake Hollywood’s studios, and meanwhile, cord-cutters are spending more and more hours a day watching digital content worldwide.

CTV ad spending growth in the United States is projected to rise to $33,000,000,000 by 2025. Brands, agencies, and marketers must have a clear vision of this ever-evolving landscape and the possibilities it can afford to them. 

This guide explores how savvy marketing teams and individuals can leverage CTV advertising effectively and cohesively to create campaigns that engage audiences and inspire action while running optimized. We dig into the latest trends, insights, and research to help advertisers successfully navigate the CTV and streaming content world.

Download your copy to learn:

  • CTV market analytics and forecasts.
  • Connected TV ads pros & cons.
  • Detailed overview of the top-10 streaming platforms including 2024 updates.
  • Efficient CTV advertising tips and strategies.
  • Advanced measurement.
  • Future of the CTV industry.

What`s inside?

Valuable Insights

  • 87% of U.S. TV households now possess at least one Internet-connected TV device.
  • In 2022, among the streaming giants, Hulu (owned by Disney) held the largest share of CTV ad spending in the U.S.
  • During the pandemic, CTV has started to gain more and more viewership.
  • Recent trends suggest that more people are watching CTV instead of regular TV.
  • Accessing CTV inventory involves three main avenues: Programmatic, Platform Direct, and Publisher Direct.

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • What is CTV?
  • Brief History of CTV
  • CTV & OTT Difference
  • Why is CTV On Fire?
  • Linear TV vs. Connected TV
  • CTV’s Growth in Facts and Numbers
  • CTV Pros & Cons
  • Types of CTV Providers
  • How to Buy CTV Ads?
  • How to Launch a Successful CTV Campaign?
  • CTV Ad Types and Placements
  • Top-10 CTV Streaming Platforms Overview
  • Types of CTV Devices
  • CTV Reporting & Measurement
  • The Rise Of Programmatic In CTV
  • Common Challenges of CTV Advertising
  • CTV Future Trends
  • Bottom Line
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