A few words about us

Bidscube is a team of professionals specialized in building customized platforms for programmatic advertising since 2015. We believe that making money in the new and rapidly growing programmatic market should be simple and accessible. To achieve this, our professionals integrate artificial intelligence tech into RTB trading software for both advertisers and publishers.

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Our journey

The company was founded in 2020 in Hong Kong with the aim of making programmatic advertising more accessible and transparent. Today our offices are located in Kyiv, Wroclaw and Hong Kong to sustain successful partnerships with wide audiences around the world.
February 2020
Hong Kong office opening

Entering the programmatic advertising market in Asia

April 2020
A new data center in Singapore

Due to the rising demand for partnerships in Asia, we decided to open new heavy-duty data centers

May 2020
Opening offices in Poland and Ukraine

New connections and partners in European countries

August 2020
New data centers in Europe

Once we have noticed a significant increase of new customers and partners from Europe, the necessity of new data centers emerged

November 2020
A data center in the USA

The opening of this data center instantly improved the capacity and speed of our platforms around the world.

April 2021
Bidscube became a member of IAB Europe

The consistent transparency policy has allowed us to become a part of IAB Europe to provide an even more efficient RTB environment for all participants.

May 2021
SSP plugin release

After months of development, our specialists created a revolutionary technical solution in the world of programmatic, which replaces the standard SSP.

our team

Our leading

Kristina Cherniakhovska
Chief Executive Officer
Dmitriy Iliashenko
Chief Technology Officer
Viktoria Shaposhnikova
Head of Account
Max Yemelyantsev
VP Of Strategic Partnerships
Andrey Barladiuha
Chief Marketing Officer
Daria Zabyelina
Head of Accounts at Bidscube Community
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