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Ready-to-use programmatic advertising and monetization technologies integrated into a universal RTB solution. Deliver the best services with an efficient and customizable white label platform that will make your business thrive and prosper.

Our professionals utilize the newest real time bidding technology to create the perfect tool for building and developing your programmatic advertising business without huge investments of time and money.

Best RTB ad technology in a holistic system

Best RTB information technology unified into a full stack programmatic solution that addresses most of the challenges advertisers and publishers face while ad trading. Integrated with multiple advertising platforms like DSPs, SSPs, and others, these technologies constitute a complete system to facilitate your programmatic network.

Building and managing a cross-platform strategy has never been so simple - we offer a customizable ready-to-use solution where every necessary tool is available within a single interface.

Best RTB ad technology in a holistic system
Build your cross-channel network

Build your cross-channel network

With the help of Bidscube real time bidding technology your clients can easily deliver their message across channels to reach potential customers at the right time and place. One can leverage multiple channels (desktop, mobile web or in-app), as well as different ad formats to launch the most immersive and sound campaigns. Publishers, in their turn, can also enjoy a huge variety of ad sizes, as well as an opportunity to manage and sell all of their digital assets with the help of the openRTB technology.

No more juggling with tons of services for each channel or format you use! Utilize the best RTB information technology to effectively reach your business goals and deliver exceptional services to your customers across channels.

Independent servers

At Bidscube, we believe that one of the most essential features for any programmatic advertising software is to be sustainable and reliable. This is especially important for white label solutions where technical issues can have a direct impact on many businesses at once, so stable connection and workflow become crucial.

To address this point, Bidscube hosts each platform on separate servers which makes every solution more secure and independent. When it comes to real time bidding technology, each second can be decisive for successful trading. This is precisely why our independent servers support a constant and steady connection for each of our clients. Now you can enjoy full control over your solutions without having to worry about the tech!

Independent servers

Free fraud protection

Apart from the product itself, each customer can get access to the cutting-edge traffic quality monitoring filter. We know how important it is to ensure and maintain a high standard of media-trading services, and to secure this opportunity Bidscube partners with Protected Media.

Protected Media is a global leader in cybersecurity for advertising that provides outstanding solutions designed to detect and prevent ad fraud. With the help of their unique solutions, one can verify traffic quality, detect fraudsters, and ensure brand protection for the demand side.

By using this scanning tool you can get in-depth reports on traffic quality coming from each endpoint to your connected DSPs by ad format. Based on these insights it is then possible to notably improve incoming traffic quality and assure a safe brand image. Get the protection you deserve without tons of additional investments!

Protected media

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Let’s get in touch!

At BidsCube, we believe that communication is the key. Should you have inquiries or ideas, please do not hesitate to use our contact form. Fill in the following form and our support team will be happy to help you at any time.

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