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Ready-to-use monetization solution

Bidscube is a full-stack programmatic company that supplies media traders with ready-to-use digital advertising and monetization solutions personalized to their business objectives. Our White Label Supply-Side Platform is a sophisticated traffic monetization tool for traders and publishers of any scale and business vertical. It enables direct integration of your supply partners to help them sell traffic within a trustworthy and secure environment.

Our product

Stability and stress-resilience

We provide each client with a separate server to ensure smooth services delivery throughout every Bidscube WLS platform.

User-friendly interface

To maximize your productivity and performance, all our platforms are equipped with an intuitive easy-to-navigate user interface.

Built-in scanners

Get free traffic and demand scanners to ensure the highest performance and maximize transparency on your platform.

Coverage without machine intelligence

Coverage with machine intelligence
10 000 500 000 1 000 000
Select the number of impressions

Artificial Intelligence

Each of our platforms is equipped with artificial intelligence technology based on machine learning algorithms. Designed to maximize the efficiency of your trading, this tech analyzes massive amounts of performance data from your previous campaigns to create the best strategy for reaching your business goals. Based on these insights, it then delivers the most relevant ads to the appropriate audiences. Thanks to this solution all advertising campaigns launched from your platform will constantly become more and more efficient.

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    Platform capabilities

    5 ad formats

    Banner, Video, Native, Connected TV/ОТТ.

    5 omnichannel reach

    In-app, Mobile web, Desktop, and Connected TV/ОТТ.

    All types of devices

    Mobile, Tablet, PC, Connected TV, Game Console.

    Integration types

    At our platform, there are 4 types of partner integrations - JS, VAST, SDK, and PreBid. Choose the most appropriate type of connection for each of your partners:

    JavaScript is one of the most common types of integrations, widely used for banner ad creatives of different sizes and formats.


    Video Ad Serving Template is a complex and unified protocol designed for video advertising by the IAB.


    a universal tool for importing a wide range of Mobile, In-app, and CTV ad placements.


    a type of integration for the publishers who prefer header bidding programmatic trading.

    Account Support

    We provide each partner with a personal account manager to help you earn the most from the platform and answer any of your questions regarding programmatic trading 24/7.

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    To try our solutions for your individual business goals, request a demo version. Fill in the form with your contact details and we’ll reach you as soon as possible.

      Bidscube Community

      Each buyer of Bidscube White Label Solution automatically gets an invitation to the Bidscube Community. It is a collaboration of over 250 programmatic companies united for transparent and seamless trading with direct partners. No entrance fee or additional payments - trade your inventory with 250+ members from day one!

      Our metrics

      Here are some of our SSP metrics to illustrate the platforms’ performance and capabilities:

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