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Full-stack ad campaign management

Bidscube is a full-stack programmatic ad tech ecosystem that provides advertisers with sophisticated solutions to set up, launch, and optimize versatile ad campaigns using different channels and formats. Our White Label Demand-Side Platform is a ready-to-use personalized tool designed to reach global audiences from any business vertical. It allows marketers to purchase direct traffic from the top publishers and deliver their message to the right audiences at the right time and place.

In three easy steps

Our product

Stability and stress-resilience

To ensure stable and seamless delivery of programmatic advertising services we provide each client with a separate server.

User-friendly design

We know how important it is to have every necessary tool close at hand, which is why each Bidscube platform has a thoughtful UI design and is easy to navigate.

Deep personalization

Just like each marketer tends to provide personalized ads to their audiences, we try our best to deliver personalized solutions to each of our clients in accordance with their individual business aims.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Bidscube advertising solutions include the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning innovations integrated right into your platform. Designed by our best technical specialists, this tool conducts a deep analysis of your previous ad campaigns and their performance to achieve better results with each iteration. As a result, your potential buyers receive only the most relevant and efficient ad creatives right at the time they need it the most!

    Optimize your campaigns by:

    Omnichannel reach

    In-app, Mobile Web, Desktop и Connected TV / ОТТ.

    Device type

    Mobile, Tablet, PC, Connected TV, Game Console.


    Gender, age, location, language, etc.


    Choose categories by the interests of your potential audience.


    Reach your previous customers, website visitors, and users that are already in your customer base.

    Publisher’s Theme

    Launch your ad campaign strictly on websites and apps that are visited by your clients.

    Types of ad integrations

    Advertising formats


    grab the attention of the widest audiences with this versatile and time-tested format.


    visualize your boldest ideas and share them with the world by delivering immersive video ads.


    create a seamless user experience by perfectly fitting your ads into the environment with native advertising.

    Connected TV / ОТТ

    reach unique viewers with innovative connected TV commercials.

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    Don’t wait to step into your highest potential - reach our team today to try Bidscube Demo platform and apply all these features to your business.

      Account support 24/7

      Each Bidscube client gets free help from their personal account manager with any question regarding your programmatic ads business at any hour. Our support teams also work 24/7 - We’ve got you covered!

      Bidscube Community

      Once you’ve purchased one of our White Label Solutions, you automatically get an invitation to the Bidscube Community. Together with over 250 global programmatic ad tech companies, we create a transparent programmatic environment for efficient direct traffic and demand exchange. Seamlessly trade with top global advertisers and inventory providers without additional fees and commissions!