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Ready-made technical solution for automated advertising

Bidscube WLS Ad Exchange

WLS Ad Exchange is a ready-made customized platform for programmatic RTB trading personalized to your business. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms based on the principles of machine learning that allows you to earn more on programmatic advertising by launching top-performing campaigns and efficiently monetizing digital inventory.

A few numbers about us

48 hours
to provide you with the complete solution
Partners connected to Bidscube Community for direct and transparent trading with all of our clients
Earned with our platforms
Unique technical solutions implemented by our specialists to increase revenues on the platform
of traffic is scanned for free All platforms include 2 scanners that check all traffic
Account managers They help and advise you on any issue regarding programmatic trading.

Coverage without machine intelligence

Coverage with machine intelligence
10 000 500 000 1 000 000
Select the number of impressions

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important tools of the Bidscube platform is advanced AI tech that works on the principles of machine learning. Based on the user behavior on the network, it delivers them the most relevant ads. Therefore, it increases the income and advertising performance of all your partners, and as a result, your income will also grow.


Request a Demo Version

Would you like to try the platform by yourself? Our account department will gladly show you everything - please leave your contact and we will reach you as soon as possible.

    Customer support 24 \ 7

    To ensure maximum convenience, each partner is assigned with a personal account manager to help them to earn more on programmatic. We are interested in continuous growth and development together with our clients, so we will be happy to hear and implement all your ideas regarding the platform.

    Bidscube Community

    By choosing our solutions you can automatically become a member of the Bidscube Community for direct trading with more than 250 partners with unique traffic. No additional fees and commissions to intermediaries - only direct bidding with top partners.

    SSP plugin

    One of the main advantages of Bidscube solution is SSP plugin that provides you with functions of the supply-side platform for more efficient traffic monetization.

    Now you can connect sites and applications to your Ad Exchange directly. Thus, you will have the SSP functionality at your disposal to trade traffic directly with all WLS partners and Bidscube Community.

    Our technical solutions

    Our tech specialists are constantly working to update and improve the platform. With each new update, we introduce new features and solutions to increase the effectiveness of advertising and monetization revenues. Here are some of the advanced technical solutions integrated into our platforms right now:
    DSP Optimizer

    a unique cutting-edge tool for collecting and analyzing data - based on your bidding activity this tool provides you with the traffic you bid on the most.


    an IAB Tech Lab standard developed to provide advertisers with a unified and transparent list of trusted media sellers.


    Billing notice URLs called by the exchanges based on their business policies once a bid wins and becomes billable.

    Bidfloor margin

    an additional bid floor percentage that improves DSPs performance to win more auctions.

    Dynamic price margin

    a newly-developed technique to predict raising profits and help advertisers timely adapt to market changes.

    Minimum bidfloor

    optimize minimum bid floors to gain full control over your revenues.

    Fraud limit

    manage and set up fraud limit percentages for the traffic you send to each of your partners.

    1st price auctions

    By default, our platform supports 2nd price auctions, but you can switch to the 1st price in your settings at any time.


    How does it work?

    Step 1

    Discussion of the preferable terms of individual cooperation.

    Step 2

    Signing a contract and developing your personalized platform.

    Step 3

    Integration of the platform to our ecosystem and successful start of trading on the programmatic market.


    Application for cooperation

    Starting a profitable openRTB business with Bidscube is quick and easy! It is enough to fill in your contact data - and we will reach you as soon as possible.


      All our solutions are equipped with 2 powerful scanners - Protected Media and Pixalate that check 100% of the traffic. These scanners utilize advanced traffic evaluation technologies that check all inventory for different types of ad fraud including bots. With these reliable advertising solutions, your RTB services are always safe and transparent.

      Our advantages

      User-friendly interface

      Our technical specialists always pay attention to user-friendliness - we strive to create the most intuitive interface for you to not waste a minute of your time navigating around.

      Stress resistance and stability

      We provide each partner with a separate server to ensure smooth operations on the platform. With the increasing number of partners on your platform, we will provide additional servers for free.

      Account department

      To achieve maximum results in programmatic, each client is provided with a personal account manager who will help you to deal with any issues at any moment.

      Direct traffic and demand

      By using our platform, you automatically get the opportunity to trade with all Bidscube Community partners directly, as well as to connect your direct traffic suppliers using the SSP plugin.

      WWe support 5 ad formats

      Banner, Video, Native ads, Connected TV and Programmatic audio

      We support 3 types of traffic

      In-app, Desktop, Mobile web.