VAST integration is now accessible via all Bidscube White Label Solutions!

Автор: sitemanager 27.07.2021

Video advertising is booming in 2021, and we’d like to help our partners to leverage the most out of this opportunity. Today we are happy to announce a new feature that is now available on our White Label platforms – VAST integration. 

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is ad standard developed byl developed by the International Advertising Bureau as a response to growing video trends back in 2008. It was designed to standardize ad tags that are delivering advertisements via video players.

Such a solution drastically improves communication between all players within the industry. With the help of an XML schema, VAST protocols provide metadata from ad servers to video players, ensuring fast and seamless ad delivery to the user. 

From now on, every owner of the Bidscube White Label Solutions can utilize VAST protocols for their video advertising campaigns. Simply connect your partners via SSP plugin and choose the desired type of integration!

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