Release 3.0: A unique solution by our technical specialists – Bidscube SSP plugin

Автор: sitemanager 31.05.2021

Improving our RTB environment for each member of the exchange process is essentially what our daily work is about. Hours brainstorming, creating, testing, and now we are ready to introduce a new unique monetization feature – the Bidscube SSP plugin.

What is the Bidscube SSP plugin?

Bidscube SSP plugin allows publishers and RTB business owners to seamlessly integrate into an open RTB environment without additional charges or middlemen. Each owner of Bidscube solution can use this tool for free and will be able to trade with the members of the Bidscube Community.


Such a direct connection has the following effects on the RTB ecosystem:

-fewer middlemen between demand and supply;

-more efficient budget distribution;

-better targeting and ad performance;

-higher revenues for all members of the exchange;

-more secure and transparent trading environment. 


To join Bidscube Community and be among the first to apply this solution in practice – reach us at // and we’ll discuss further collaboration. Our support team will gladly consult you on any issue to help you achieve the best results.