Release 2.3

Автор: sitemanager 02.04.2021

Fully-functional scanning tool now in your personal account!

Handy and accessible user experience is one of the core characteristics of every media-trading platform. Bidscube specialists are dedicated to ensuring that the users won’t need to waste their precious time navigating the software and can fully concentrate on scaling up their business.

As a part of this strategy, we’d like to introduce a new ‘Scanning’ interface that is now accessible within your Personal account. Instead of logging into third-party services and partner’s tools, you can now apply a holistic approach to the security of all your campaigns and operations. This tool allows you to manage all of your digital assets within a fully functional tab. 

How does it work?

Previously, to use our partner’s scanning tools you had to log in to their website and continue from there. Now you can access them all within a new ‘Scanning’ section on your platform to:

  • instantly verify your incoming traffic quality;
  • detect and avoid ad fraudsters;
  • ensure a solid brand image protection;
  • get a holistic view of the safety of your digital assets.

This scanning integration is designed to eventually become a part of the bigger update. Our next steps include a completely new user interface that would make your media trading even more efficient and transparent, so stay tuned for the updates!


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