release 2.2.0

Автор: sitemanager 17.03.2021

Meet the improved and updated Bidscube white-label solutions!

Our core mission is to help our clients deliver exceptional programmatic RTB services which is why our tech teams constantly work on developing and refining Bidscube white-label solutions. 

To ensure the platforms’ smooth and stable performance, we’ve added a couple of new features to it, as well as and fixed some of the earlier reported issues, as a part of our 2.2.0 WLS update. 

What is included?

Bidscube 2.2.0 update is a block of improvements added to all of our RTB platforms that includes:

  • Bug fixes for DSP and SSP dashboards (such as overlappings in calendar layout as well as several others);
  • An additional option to retrieve SSP and DSP API statistics sorted by the company on client’s request, in contrast to sorting only by an endpoint;
  • New issues tracking and notification system to ensure timely reaction of the support teams;
  • Endpoint names validation to prevent issues with API links getting into endpoints list;
  • New system to report and audit releases;

From the back end we’ve added the following enhancements to this version:

  • Back end library update;
  • Support of the new ads format – end cards videos;
  • SKAdNetwork adaptation to assure top performance and privacy regulations compliance on iOS 14;
  • New openRTB IP standards IPv4 and IPv6 that fix incompatible IPs issue

At the moment our tech team is working on the new improvements, and to achieve the best results we’d like to hear your feedback. Please share your vision at // and let’s continue growing together!