Release 2.1.6 : Fresh DSP and SSP updates!

Автор: sitemanager 29.12.2020

At Bidscube, we are committed to constant development and innovation. Our technical specialists designed a couple of new features and improvements, and we’d like to share these newest platform updates with you.

Version 2.1.6 includes edits to our SSP, Statistics, as well as DSP and the DSP tab.   

Here is what we’ve improved in the DSP tab :

> Request-Response Examples logic is updated.

> The markup for pop-up fields overlay is updated.

> Horizontal scrollbar is now fixed. You do not have to scroll down the table to find the horizontal scrollbar. (for DSP, SSP and Statistics tabs)


There are also a couple of changes to our DSP and SSP:

> ‘Mob App’ field is renamed to ‘In-App’.

> The option ‘both’ in Native Spec is renamed to ‘All’.

> ‘Fraud limit’ and ‘minbidfloor’ fields can be added on request.

>New button ‘Clear list’ in SSP edit->Blocked Crids for deleting blocked crids for certain companies or endpoints.


As well as some minor edits in Statistics:

> CrIDs can be added to the table.

> Improved platform work with large data amounts.


Check out recent updates by visiting your platform and feel free to share your experience! We’d be glad to address your questions and hear your ideas at //.