Bidscube Ad Exchange platform April improvements

Автор: sitemanager 11.03.2021

Good news, everyone!

Our tech team is currently putting the finishing touches on the newest Bidscube RTB platform improvements that are coming into effect from April 2021. These changes are mainly aimed at adjusting and refining trading efficiency, as well as strengthening security for each participant of the exchange.

What is included?

Here’s just a couple of features we added to our RTB solutions to drive your business with even better performance:

-Added minimum bid floor option for the supply-side platform;

-Updated backend libraries;

-Expanded parameters for CTV traffic identification and check.


As a result, you can now enjoy even more control over your traffic security while boosting your revenues from inventory monetization! We hope these improvements will become a nice addition to your RTB business development strategy and look forward to growing together. 

If you’d like to get first-hand experience and start trading with the Bidscube RTB platform, please let us know at //. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and provide support at any step of your journey.