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Customized Bidscube solutions for your business

Bidscube is an open full-stack programmatic ecosystem specialized in White Label RTB platforms designed for each client with their unique business goals in mind. With the help of our software, you can launch advertising campaigns for any target audience and efficiently monetize content in applications and websites. We provide personalized white label solutions for reaching specific business objectives.

Throughout the development process, we take into account all the necessary details, like geos industry and market specifics, as well as many others, to deliver the most efficient goal-oriented solution.

Our specialists then seamlessly integrate each platform into the Bidscube RTB ecosystem where the machine learning algorithms help you find the best deals to start trading and reaching your goals.

Main Products


WLS Ad Exchange

A powerful tool for starting and developing your own RTB business. Integrates buyers and traffic providers from all over the world into your stable programmatic ecosystem.

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Bidscube Community

A unique solution for fast, seamless and safe trading between all participants. Provides a protected environment for every transaction in the auction.

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SSP Plugin

An innovative solution for publishers and traffic suppliers that significantly reduces the middlemen and increases your trading efficiency.

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Artificial Intelligence

At Bidscube, we believe that the most efficient trading starts from the newest technology, which is why our tech teams are constantly working on developing and improving our RTB solutions.

We’ve been working for a long time on this creation and developed one of the most innovative solutions in the industry. It leverages Artificial Intelligence technology to help you to adjust campaigns based on in-depth data and Machine Learning algorithms. This solution will drastically improve your trading efficiency by providing you with data-driven decisions, such as choosing the right margin, finding your audience, or setting an optimal bid.


Bidscube Community

Bidscube Community is a unique solution based on our programmatic RTB ecosystem that provides fast and open trading between all members without intermediaries. We’ve created a 100% secure space to ensure seamless transmission of exclusive traffic and demand.

We don’t require entry fees or additional commissions. We check all traffic and demand 24/7 with the help of two independent scanners and a separate department of account managers. Our mission is to protect the interests of each participant, so we take all financial risks when connecting new partners.

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To become a Bidscube partner and earn more on programmatic trading, you just need to leave your contact information. Our specialists will contact you to discuss individual goals and negotiate terms and conditions. Based on these, we will provide the best solution for your business.

    SSP plugin

    With the help of the revolutionary Bidscube SSP plugin, we significantly reduce the chain of intermediaries between advertisers and publishers. SSP plugin is a free of charge subtitution to traditional SSP.

    With this tool, every user of Bidscube White Label Solution can connect their publishers directly, bypassing numerous intermediaries. By selling traffic exclusively within the secure Bidscube Community environment, you get the opportunity to trade with top partners without additional fees and commissions.


    Our advantages

    Direct traffic

    By choosing our white label solution, you also get the opportunity to join the members of the Bidscube Community that allows you to receive direct traffic and demand from all members of our programmatic ecosystem.

    Reliable team

    Our team includes over 40 experienced specialists that provide 24/7 customer support and ensure smooth operations of all your platforms.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Our top developers were among the first to develop and implement Artificial Intelligence tech in programmatic advertising. It works on Machine Learning algorithms and helps to improve your trading performance.


    RTB trading academy

    We provide information for traders of all levels: from a step-by-step beginner's guide to making bid money on programmatic
    to advanced training for mastering the art of trading,
    and in-depth strategic roadmap for building and scaling up your RTB business.

    For participants

    8 reasons to choose Bidscube

    5 ad formats

    With the help of Bidscube platform, you can exchange the 5 most common ad formats - Banner, Video, Native, Connected TV and Programmatic Audio .

    3 types of traffic

    Our platforms support trading 3 types of traffic - Desktop web, In-app, Mobile web.

    Stability and stress resiliency

    Each partner receives a separate independent server to ensure stable operations. This way we guarantee the reliability and sustainability of each product.

    Financial guarantees

    We take all the risks when connecting new partners, so we guarantee timely payments to each participant.

    Increased profit from programmatic

    With the help of our innovative AI and machine learning algorithms, you can launch even more efficient ad campaigns to trade with our broad community.

    Technical support

    Our technical specialists take over all the development and integration work, providing an individual approach for each client in accordance with their specific request.

    100% protection

    We provide full protection for all participants in the chain for free: we check 100% traffic using cutting-edge scanners, while our account managers manually recheck all traffic and creatives.

    Large partners number

    By purchasing any of our WLS solutions, you automatically become a member of the Bidscube community and can directly trade with more than 250 partners.

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