What is Bidscube Community

Bidscube Community is a multinational association of digital advertising enthusiasts, united to collaborate, exchange and grow together. Our aim is to make the process of trading media more friendly and beneficial by helping each other to create and boost their own programmatic marketing platforms. We are open to DSP and SSP partners, as well as direct advertisers and publishers from all across the globe to connect and trade, without hidden requirements or extra payments.

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Why choose Bidscube programmatic platforms?

Apart from being a member of a friendly media traders association that are constantly exchanging support and experience, joining the Bidscube Community can provide you with the following opportunities:

Access direct partners with versatile audiences from any point of the world.

Connect and manage all of your online advertising platforms within a single interface.

Expand your business immediately with the support of a friendly community.

Reach new markets and media channels - find new geos, industries, and solutions.

Establish timely and secure delivery of your payments from each partner.

Improve and develop your product from scratch with the help of ad tech professionals.

Save up time and money by maximizing your advertising platforms’ efficiency.

No need to reinvent the wheel - Let our experts handle all the paperwork and technical matters.

The Community is open to everyone regardless of their origins, industry, or level of expertise - we believe each contributor is important to allow us all to grow and learn together.

Boost your ROI today while making friends and saving resources!

How does it work?

How does it work?

Becoming a member of Bidscube Community is a unique chance to scale up your trading and get the most out of your programmatic advertising platforms. With our help, you can easily connect and manage all of your partnerships within a convenient and unified programmatic solution. In addition, we offer continuous support and handy tools to facilitate each part of your growing business.

Becoming a part of our community is very simple - one partnership requires just a single contract and a single integration:

One contract

Once you’ve decided to become a Bidscube Community Partner, we discuss and sign a contract with all the details to reaffirm our collaboration.

One partnership

Welcome to the Community - we can now start selling and buying media, collaborate and reach our business goals together!

One integration

After signing this confirmation, each new partner is integrated into the platform and community to meet other members and start trading.

No more wasting time searching for the demand, traffic, or other integrations - our community is a meeting point for passionate ad tech professionals and traders from all around the world.

Joining is free of charge - just contact our team and start earning!

Revolutionizing digital advertising platforms

We believe actions speak louder than words, so here are some recent data to illustrate how exactly this project is revolutionizing online advertising. Within a single year our team attained:


top-performing partners worldwide trading with Bidscube Community


active clients using Bidscube programmatic ad buying platforms


QPS running across platforms right now


million gross revenue as of December 2020

Over 40

educated ad tech specialists with support teams available 24/7

Ensure transparency with secure scanning tools

We know how important it is to maintain transparency and credibility for every platform at each point of the media trading process. Ad fraud, brand image issues, and other problems can become a serious obstacle for a growing business, especially when acting alone.

This is why we provide each member of Bidscube Community with secure scanning tools you can rely on to ensure top-quality of their incoming demand and supply. To be more precise:

  • 100% incoming traffic sources are scanned with Pixalate and Protected Media
  • 100% video and banner ad creatives are evaluated by TMT
  • We provide exclusive access to Bidscube cutting-edge pre-bid scanner developed by our professionals specifically for Bidscube Community

Account service

Apart from support and security, we offer outstanding accounting services performed by a highly educated team of professionals:

Each of your platform accounted for by the experienced specialist throughout every stage of the journey

Each specialist is not only qualified but also passionate about what they are doing - thus, continuously improving their knowledge

Our team only includes experienced professionals who underwent special training as a part of their onboarding process