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27 April 2021

We are open in Kyiv

Kristina Cherniakhovska

Elena Bryn

Chief Marketing Officer

KYIV 1 Blog

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again." - Abraham Maslow.

Today the Bidscube team chooses growth again - as our programmatic trading community strives and develops, we took a decision to expand our physical presence accordingly. This day we are glad to announce opening a new office in Kyiv! Thanks to our presence in Ukraine, the company can maintain an even closer relationship with our local clients, as well as establish new partnerships on the local market.

Welcome to Bidscube Kyiv office!

Opening a new office is exciting news for us and good news is always worth sharing. We are very happy to present you with the Bidscube Kyiv office where our experienced professionals are creating unique white-label products for you.

Located in the historical area of Batyieva Hora our new center becomes a strong connection point for establishing and strengthening local collaborations. This is the place where it is a pleasure to meet our clients in a friendly and productive environment.

Such an additional presence in Europe can help establish even closer connections on the local level and meet the increased demand for programmatic trading software and services in this region. The decision to expand is a critical step to meet our clients needs and provide them with the most efficient solutions.

Even more tech specialists, even faster delivery of the ready-to-use solutions, even more upgrades and stronger accounting. New opportunities for communication and meetings, entering new markets and successful deals coming up - stay tuned with Bidscube!

Our specialists in Kyiv

Our Kyiv team includes educated tech specialists, precise account managers and an experienced sales team. Our support and accounting teams got your back throughout every step of your business cycle from foundations to scaling up and boosting your revenues.

  • Tech team - for setting up and launching your platform, continuously working on improving and adding new features with each new update;
  • Best accounters at your service to manage your digital assets in a most cost-efficient way;
  • Friendly support to guide you through any challenge 24/7;
  • Experienced ad tech enthusiasts working together to make media-trading more efficient and accessible;

So from now on you can contact us at: support@bidscube.com If you have any suggestions or questions, please reach our team at support@bidscube.com

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